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Your issue could be related to this Unity issue: [AUDIOSOURCE] AUDIO WITH NEGATIVE PITCH DOESN'T PLAY WHEN LOOP IS DISABLED. User shouldn't use negative pitch value, unless one wants the clip to play backwards in the loop. ... The AudioSource.pitch range is still the same (-3, 3). - jiveturkey. Sep 25, 2018 at 16:13. //Attach an AudioSource to your GameObject (Click Add Component and go to Audio>Audio Source). Choose an audio clip in the AudioClip field. //This script sets the pitch of the audio at the start, and then gradually turns it down to 0 as time passes.. GameObject with 2 AudioSource components, and one SoundManager component. To create this setup, follow these steps: Create an empty Game Object and name it “SoundManager”, or whatever you want to name it. Add two Audio Source components to the game object. Add our new Sounce Manager component to the game object..
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